Marie France sales strategies have been very successful in the market. We are based on many stores with an exceptional and unique image able to fulfill a wide range of consumers’ needs.


Full backup

Marie France will be assisting you during the full period of your opening (before and after) by providing our best and most experienced staff. We will also provide you with Area/District Managers that will regularly visit for assistance and advices, in accordance to our policies.


Technology at your disposal

Our system is very simple and makes it possible to re-arrange your shop within three days from the order. You can also consult sales statistics in real time directly on your computer, verify warehouse availabilities and promptly communicate with the company by email.


A successful strategy

Marie France will make sure to support your business by helping you select the best locations, whether in mall, pedestrian streets or high traffic areas and cities with at least 30,000 inhabitants.

The perfect store size will range from 120 to 150 square meters (plus a small area in the back)


Nationwide advertising

We provide catalogues, posters and other resources for advertising purposes and in addition to that, nationwide and online advertising campaigns.


A profitable investment

Marie France assures an ultimate training before and after launching the business. This training includes a foundation course managed directly by the company. It is followed by a traineeship in the nearest store to you so you can adapt and comprehend better the range of the products availability.

Moreover, frequent meetings will be arranged for professional purposes during which our company’s representative and yours will discuss the improvement of the business. A medium sized retail store, managed by efficient staff, is able to realize a yearly average turnover in amount of 600,000 $.


A reliable investment

800 $ approximately per square meter is the cost of the store realization (excluding retail store design project, transport and installation of furniture) payable at 30 days from the opening date, month end; this cost can be financed through leasing. The I. T. system can be sold with a one-time payment and monthly fees for support.

The cost of the store will be around 800$ per square meter excluding the logistics and installation fees and the design. The amount must be paid at last, 30 days from the opening date. Moreover, our computer system is rented and the payment is based on a one-time fee plus monthly payments for support.


Required guarantees

An amount of 30,000 $ is issued on behalf of Marie France to cover the agreement obligations, before the opening of the store.